Children indoor playground how to divide the area?

Datetime: 2023-02-14 10:48:47        Visit: 0

Children's indoor playground as a comprehensive amusement facilities, generally use regional design, different areas can meet the needs of children of different ages, hobbies, personalities, so what specific areas can be divided into?

1.Naughty castle area

  Children's naughty castle is a children's game center, set entertainment, sports, intelligence, fitness and other functions in one, with interactive and safe features. Children's naughty castle mainly includes ocean ball pool, pirate ship, children's castle, rotating slide, rainbow ladder, zip line and so on.

2.Expand the exercise area
  According to the characteristics of children, this kind of extended training is mostly composed of climbing events. By setting and building various difficulty levels in the vertical space, children can experience high-altitude climbing and feel the stimulation of crossing obstacles. Hone your child's will and challenge yourself.

3. Educational functional area
  This area is primarily a comprehensive educational area that can be built with sand pools, beach toys, picture books, building blocks and other classic toys. Children can enjoy these and interact with their parents at the same time to promote communication between children and parents.

Different areas have different functions. The combination of various amusement projects can not only cultivate children's various interests, exercise children's body, but also achieve the effect of developing intelligence, which has positive significance for children's growth.