How to protect stainless steel slide in bad weather

Datetime: 2023-03-02 13:23:32        Visit: 0

Stainless steel slide is a typical amusement toy now. Speaking of another toy, the plastic combination slide is another toy that kids never get tired of. This is a recreational facility where children like to crawl, grab, roll, and slide. Stainless steel slide in the maintenance, we need to consider a lot of problems, so what is the maintenance method of stainless steel slide?

1. Before the outdoor slide is opened again, the staff should check the outdoor slide. The places that children may touch are not allowed to have exposed sharp edges, sharp corners and burrs. There should be no cracks, deformation, fracture and other phenomena, such as abnormal maintenance in time.

2. Regularly clean and clean the dust accumulated on the surface of the outdoor slide. It should be cleaned with detergent regularly to ensure the surface smoothness of the outdoor slide.

3. In case of inauspicious weather, the outdoor slide should be covered with a covering cloth in advance to ensure that the surface of the outdoor slide will not be damaged by the weather.

4. When the outdoor slide is out of use for a long time, the covering cloth should be used to wrap the outdoor slide tightly to avoid direct sunlight and delay the aging of the outdoor slide surface.

5. Check and overhaul the outdoor slide connection fasteners and column fasteners regularly, and tighten them in time when the bolts are loose and determine the reliability of the relaxation measures.

6. Check the foundation of outdoor slide equipment (the fixed contact point between the equipment and the ground), and find that the foundation is loose, shifted and offset, the foundation is strengthened in time to ensure the stability of the equipment.