How about a children's park at the mall entrance?

Datetime: 2023-04-03 14:14:09        Visit: 0

Shopping malls are places where people gather. The strong flow lays the foundation for the development of children's park. What if the children's park is opened at the entrance of the mall?

The geographical location of the shopping mall is relatively good, whether it is convenient transportation, or more pedestrian flow, or consumption ability, all aspects are superior. Relative to other places, generally go to the mall a lot of family consumption, every time to rest with children to go to a stroll is a commonplace thing, children will always have no resistance to children's paradise, and now people's lives are relatively stable, have a certain economic ability, for children's needs, many times are as far as possible to meet.

Now the shopping mall area is relatively large, a variety of goods are relatively complete, attaches great importance to the development of the brand, and will also be vigorously promoted to attract more consumers, in fact, the development of the shopping mall and children's park is connected, it can also be a mutually beneficial relationship, the shopping mall is the children's park, the park with the popularity of the shopping mall, business can be better, So the development potential of opening a children's park in the mall is still very good.

Operators can observe the surrounding situation, see how many people live around the supermarket, how much consumption power, and how large the scale of the supermarket, how much influence, and how many people come to the mall, etc., then according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate area, the general mall entrance and exit of the children's park can choose 200-300 square meters.