Play trampoline must pay attention to the four main points

Datetime: 2023-04-14 09:58:57        Visit: 0

Trampoline as a very popular indoor entertainment project, loved by the public, whether children or big friends, can experience a happy and exciting feeling in the game. However, as long as it is a sport, there are inevitably safety issues, and trampoline is no exception. Before playing trampoline must pay attention to the following matters to avoid injury.

1. Be sure to warm up first. Stretch your body and stretch your muscles to reduce sports injuries and reduce the risk of injury during sports; At the same time, it can also adjust their psychological state, so as to quickly put into the movement.

2.Don't do difficult movements. For example, such as jumping on one foot, flipping, chasing and slapstick in the trampoline area, these behaviors are easy to damage their bodies. Although we should play as much as possible, we should still play within the scope of our ability, otherwise it may cause serious consequences.

3. Jewelry and metal ornaments are not worn in the trampoline area. Because people in the air is difficult to control their center of gravity, and sometimes may fall on the trampoline, if you wear jewelry or wear metal clothing decoration, the moment of the fall can be doubled.

4. Half an hour after a meal and fasting is not suitable for vigorous exercise. Trampoline is a higher intensity exercise, need enough physical strength and comfortable state, so after meals and empty stomach can not immediately start to exercise, because intense exercise caused by gastric colic, gastric ptosis and other diseases.