How to decorate children's indoor play area?

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First impressions are often based on a person's appearance,the environment of an indoor children's playground is no exception.

A children's playground with bright decorative themes, innovative features and colorful children's fun is sure to attract people's attention for the first time. With a strong visual impact and a variety of projects, how could it not be welcomed by consumers?
So how to decorate an indoor children's playground?



1. From the perspective of children

1) Color design

Generally speaking, children between the ages of 0 and 6 are referred to as preschoolers. They intuitively perceive the world through sensory stimuli such as color, shape and sound. Bright solid colors can arouse their intense interest and help them learn about the world. 

The children's space is designed to be colorful, not only suitable for children's childish psychology, but also bright colors will be full of hope and vitality.



2) Style design

First of all, the style design should be lively, close to nature and life, and the appearance should be lively.

Secondly, the ever-changing patterns combine to satisfy the child's imagination of the whole thing.  By changing shapes and abstract patterns, they often attract children's attention, which is in line with children's willingness to explore.  

Should make the style interesting, so that it is in line with the child's psychological development characteristics, so as to arouse the child's interest.



2. From a parent's perspective

1) Safety design

In the eyes of parents, nothing is more important than the safety of their children. The safety design of indoor children's playground plays a decisive role in the site management. 

Of course, it is not enough to rely on design and decoration alone to accomplish security measures. After decoration, you need to purchase safe and reliable children's playground equipment, daily hygiene cleaning and equipment safety maintenance.



2) Functional design
 When children's needs are met, parents have needs, too.  After busy work, they also need to relax and have leisure.  How to do that?  

Indoor children's playgrounds can open functional areas, such as benches, rest areas, water bars, leisure areas, Internet areas, shopping areas, etc., to meet the needs of parents.



3) Teach through fun

Parents hope that children can learn useful knowledge or experience in games. Recreation education depends more on recreation, but when designing and decorating walls, floors and other areas, it is recommended to consider the child's learning and growth.



Excellent decorative design, fun entertainment, and good management are key factors in the sustainable operation of indoor children's playgrounds. These three are essential.