How to design an indoor children's playground?

Datetime: 2023-01-08 06:52:28        Visit: 0

At present, more and more investors are investing in indoor children's playgrounds.  

How to design the indoor children's playground space, how to attract more customers' attention?


1. Safety design.  

As children are not mature in their physical and mental development, they are easily influenced by their surroundings.  Therefore, safety must be put first when designing children's playgrounds.  Indoor children's playgrounds should be located as far away from roads and public places with chaotic surroundings as possible, but indoor children's playgrounds should not become blind spots to prevent threats to children from vehicles and crime.  In addition, attention must be paid to the safety of indoor playground equipment and the safety of the site design.  Do not allow dangerous protrusions (e.g. nails and bolts), sharp edges, sharp corners to avoid accidental injury during play.

2. diversified forms

The design of children's playgrounds should follow the diversified needs of children's activities and consider the characteristics of children's desire for knowledge, curiosity, vitality and desire to explore the world around them.  The design should incorporate interest, participation, diversity and knowledge in order to create a relaxed, natural and functional playground for children.  Make full use of the site's own design resources, such as pools, hillsides, woods and other landscapes, to adapt to local conditions, using local materials, respecting nature as much as possible and not overly pursuing man-made traces.

3. Dimensions of Design

In the landscape design of indoor children's playground, vision, hearing, smell and taste constitute the design dimension.  The design of an indoor children's playground must pay attention to the height and range of children's sight lines so that they can easily see the interior of the design and will arouse interest in the site and equipment.  One of the characteristics of children is that they are constantly developing.  The diversity of children's behavioral development makes the mechanism of children's growth environment complex, diverse and changeable.  From passive to active, from imitation to creation, all reflect the practical significance of children's playground promotion.

In short, when designing indoor children's play areas, we must understand children and their needs, and create a healthy and happy new world for children.